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Executive Coaching

Dr. Fleet Maull is a master executive coach with more than 20 years experience coaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-suite executives. He is the founder of Windhorse Seminars & Consulting and a principal and senior consultant/executive coach with New Line Consulting.  He specializes in guiding CEOs and entrepreneurs in growing and thriving professionally and personally with a primary focus on achieving optimal business results.  The role of business owner or CEO can be highly stressful and isolating.  To effectively lead others one must first be in a leadership position with oneself.  Dr. Maull supports his clients in optimizing their capacity for self-leadership and leading others while deepening and sustaining their personal resilience and wellbeing.

No matter what your needs, Fleet can deliver objective, informed advice, and actionable plans for improving your business, organizational and/or individual performance.

Examples Include:

Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation for Self-Leadership

Leading with Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Motivation, Focus & Role Clarity

Senior Team Strategy

People & Team Development

Accountability - Getting Things Done

Leading Culture Change


Feedback From Consulting Clients

Robert Reichner
CEO, Servably, Inc. 

Working with Fleet has been transformative for me and my business. As CEO, I wanted to take my company to a new level. We were moving from a startup phase to a scaling phase and I needed new partners and resources. But I felt blocked. Fleet helped me approach and work with each of those blocks, offering encouragement, insight, contemplations, journaling exercises, and study — along with the occasional jolt when needed — to help me move to that next level. This resulted in a major event in the business and 100% annual growth, all while maintaining a culture I'm incredibly proud of. I'm grateful for Fleet's support on this journey and for his ability to provide wisdom, deep listening and no-nonsense feedback. 

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