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These Three Leadership Flaws Are Killing Your Employees' Productivity

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Fleet has recently had another of his article's featured in Forbes Magazine. Titled, "These Three Leadership Flaws Are Killing Your Employees' Productivity", here is a small excerpt:

Some management styles prove unpopular to employees, yet as long as profits are positive, managers have little motivation to change. After all, some of history’s most successful leaders seem to share certain characteristics such as arrogance and insensitivity. Take the late Steve Jobs, for example. Jobs was accused of being mean-spirited, arrogant and dictatorial, yet which company was named biggest tech company in the world by Forbes in 2016? Apple.

Profits aside, insensitivity and ruffling feathers can be damaging to employee development and overall counterproductive to innovation. Instead, a competent business leader should inspire continuous improvement to cultivate a creative company. While many bosses understand this concept, it can be easy to slip into patterns that subvert the cycle of consistent company advancement. Thus, it's necessary to understand three key traits that negatively impact employee productivity.

1- Lack Of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage not only one’s own emotions but also to empathize with and manage others' emotions.

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