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Men on Purpose Podcast with Ian Lobas

A conversation about Radical Responsibility with Dr. Fleet Maull

Think of a time when you were in the midst of some kind of conflict or you felt victimized. Did you take responsibility for the choices you made and the role you may have played? Fleet Maull, PhD discusses with host Ian Lobas how to turn a victim story into a story of ownership, and why it is important to do this.

Dr. Maull isn’t simply spinning a theory. He found himself in a world of tremendous anger and bitterness but he figured out how to work through it and out of it. He founded the Prison Mindfulness Institute and National Prison Hospice Association, catalyzing two national movements, while serving a 14-year mandatory minimum federal drug sentence, from 1985 to 1999. Dr. Maull developed the Radical Responsibility empowerment model that embraces 100 percent ownership for each and every circumstance we face, free of blaming oneself or others.

Today he is a renowned growth mindset and meditation teacher who delivers his training programs and seminars around the world both in-person and online through Heart Mind Institute. He’s an executive coach, inspirational speaker and social entrepreneur who works at the intersection of personal and social transformation.

Don’t miss this episode’s discussion about personal and collective responsibility. Dr. Maull and Ian dive into complex topics like self-compassion, as well as the effect of deep-seated traumas from childhood and breaking the cycle of generational trauma.

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