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The Late Starters Club Podcast with Dr. Andrea Vahl

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Making an Impact After Prison: an Interview with Fleet Maull

It’s never too late to make a big impact, even if you’ve spent 14 years in prison for drug smuggling. Fleet shares with Andrea how he had to reinvent himself in his fifties after he got out of prison. He’s gone on to affect millions of people through his mindfulness and his story is one to learn from.

Join us as Fleet describes his incredible journey of hope, even in the midst of his own personal struggles.

[00:00] Introductions

[02:15] Fleet’s story of how he landed in prison and what challenges he faced starting over in his fifties.

[09:57] Given the situation Fleet was in, how did he get started once he was released from prison?

[19:05] Waas there any particular thing that Fleet would consider the key to his success?

[25:04] How did Fleet overcome years of personal challenges to remain successful in business?

[35:03] What are two of Fleet's inspirational quotes?

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