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The Sydcast Podcast with Sydney Finkelstein

Episode Summary

In a search to live freely, Fleet Maull made regrettable choices that caused his life to take a dramatic turn, but also provided the impetus for a spiritual awakening. That transformative journey led him to spearhead prison reform programs and mindfulness training programs for public-safety sectors that are changing and saving lives. Syd talks with the Prison Monk about how the choices we make lead us to the person we become, in this episode of The Sydcast.

Insights from this episode:

  • Details on how a drug addiction and a counter-culture mentality led Fleet to a prison charge for drug smuggling.

  • Benefits federal prison afforded Fleet beyond improved facilities over county jail; perspective, compassion, and a focus on serving others.

  • Difficulties Fleet has faced outside of prison including the loss of his parents, his wife, and, very recently, his son and the comfort his faith provides.

  • How to find joy and positivity even in the worst circumstances by caring for others.

  • Details on Fleet’s mission to reform the prison system from punitive to rehabilitative and provide mindfulness training that extends beyond the prison walls.

  • How to get started in practicing mindfulness and receive tangible benefits.

  • Differences between Fleet’s mindfulness training and other available programs.

Listen to the Podcast here

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