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Four Vital Skills For Students Entering The Business World--An Article From Fleet in Forbes Magazine

If you're a student, entering the world of business can be a daunting task. It can be easy to get caught up in trying to learn the newest skills, trends and software dominating the business world. And, while there is plenty to learn in those areas, good grades and acquired knowledge are only relevant if you are able to demonstrate proficiency in these foundational business skills:

1) Communication

Successfully communicating within the realm of business is paramount to success in any industry. Consumers, employees, management and owners all have to communicate with one another efficiently and effectively to keep any business competitive, profitable and running smoothly.

It is important to be mindful and disciplined with the most important aspects of professional communication: grammar and clarity.

Business communication should always be grammatically correct and clear in meaning to ensure against any ambiguity. Furthermore, keeping business communication thorough yet succinct and to-the-point not only aids clarity but improves workflow for all parties involved. It limits the time spent reading and understanding vague or overly wordy statements. It is best to use the active voice and keep sentences short. Stick to short paragraphs and using bulleted lists too to highlight important information.

 Today, many students graduating from college blur the line between formal communication and casual conversations. Though body language, emojis, abbreviations and slang convey an additional meaning that can enrich everyday conversations with friends and acquaintances, business communication requires a more refined and professional approach.

2) Organization

Being organized begins with self-awareness and prioritization. Effectively prioritizing professional tasks will allow you to work efficiently and with composure.

Having a clear personal organization system for managing work allows you to focus on the most important tasks of each day without wasting valuable time on distractions that can be dealt with at a later time.

Many companies now use online shared workspace software and task management systems like Basecamp or Asana, but whatever the system, each person needs their own surefire method for staying focused and accomplishing tasks in a timely manner. It helps to figure out the ways in which you are able to stay actively organized and tailor those techniques to your workflow. Visually oriented learners may prefer a whiteboard with each project listed on it and the milestones and target dates listed under each project, while audio-oriented learners may want to employ the chimes associated with a computer's calendar to remind them of deadlines.

Organization is simply a matter of self-discipline. Do something a certain way every day, for better or for worse, and it will become a habit.

3)Teamwork And Collaboration

As you embark on your career, you will find that the ability to work skillfully, collaboratively and effectively with others in a team context is one of the most important tools needed to succeed in the business world. There are plenty of skills that can contribute to success, but an inability to collaborate can hinder even the most skilled workers.

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